The CDLE Brand

The Colorado Department of Labor & Employment’s brand combines three elements: the Colorado Peak (the mark), the CDLE Shield, and the logo type (department name).

The Mark

The Colorado Peak is the unifying master brand for the State of Colorado. The Peak represents our world-famous mountains as well as our upward momentum as a people and a place.

The CDLE shield was a collaborative effort between the brandCOLORADO team and designers in the Office of Government, Policy and Public Relations (GPPR). The shield represents CDLE as a whole by visually depicting how we keep Colorado working.

The Shield

The icon within the shield is made up of three elements that symbolize what CDLE stands for: 1) a gear that represents work, movement and forward thinking; 2) mountains, which symbolize a strong foundation and upward growth over time; and 3) a cityscape that depicts continuous improvement.

The entire shield incorporates geographical aspects of Colorado, including mountains for Colorado's iconic Rocky Mountains, the skyline of Denver, Colorado's capitol and economic hub and Colorado's blue sky reflects in the primary color and background of the shield.


We've made it easier for anybody trying to download brand materials. Simply click on the type of file that you need, find your division or program and download. For miscellaneous items such as Email Signature, Gmail Icons, and Wallpapers click on any of these links or access everything that's available for your use.

Brand Guidelines

This brand guide has been created to assist all of our divisions, programs and colleagues in producing materials that are consistent and immediately recognizable as the Department of Labor and Employment. We Encourage you to use them as you develop communication materials for your unit.


Department Accent Palette

The Department Accent Palette provides a range of colors inspired by the nature, humanity and innovation found in Colorado. The palette integrates earth tones, mid tones and vibrant tones, all of which harmonize with the brand’s Primary Color Palette.

  • CMYK: 19, 3, 99, 0
  • RGB:216, 216, 36
  • HEX: #D8D824
  • CMYK: 77, 19, 24, 0
  • RGB: 27, 159, 182
  • HEX: #1B9FB6
  • CMYK: 48, 25, 15, 0
  • RGB: 136, 168, 192
  • HEX: #88A8C0
  • CMYK: 65, 57, 51, 27
  • RGB: 87, 87, 92
  • HEX: #57575C
  • CMYK: 8, 84, 91, 1
  • RGB: 222, 78, 48
  • HEX: #DE4E30
  • CMYK: 24, 94, 89, 17
  • RGB: 165, 45, 45
  • HEX: #A52D2C
  • CMYK: 70, 29, 4, 0
  • RGB: 69, 151, 203
  • HEX: #4597CB
  • CMYK: 86, 16, 97, 3
  • RGB: 2, 149, 75
  • HEX: #02954B



Trebuchet MS is the primary typeface of the Colorado brand. Use this font to evoke the brand voice in headlines and titles.

You can also use Museo Slab 500 and Museo Slab 500 Italic. This font is offered by the type designer at no cost. It is available to download here.

Body Copy

Open Sans is the secondary typeface of the Colorado brand. Use it for body copy, detail callouts and captions.

Alternatively you can use Arial, this is a system font included on Macintosh and Windows operating systems. It is designed for the web and is a standard font in Google Drive software.

If have any questions or need additional assistance please contact GPPR at